Past Personas & Team Players

Wildest Dreams has had the good fortune of performing with many fine musicians since our coming together in 1989. Over the years, some band members have moved on to other gigs as their careers have unfolded. On this page you'll be able to find out the answer to "Whatever happened to...?" and meet some other fine musicians who work with us from time to time.


Paul Shumsky- our original guitarist, was with us from 1989 to the summer of 2000. With a solid musical foundation, versatility & great chops, Paul fluidly embraced the soukous and other world beat styles in a short time. So much so, that we nicknamed him Zulu Man. Somehow, he was able to pull off playing those cascading guitar riffs, and and singing syncopated vocal parts at the same time (talk about multi-tasking). Paul contributed to the band in virtually every imaginable way including, playing singing, writing, arranging, booking, promoting, press kit & website design, and databasing. His musicality, marketing and computer skills greatly enhanced the band's professionalism. Paul is currently living in Hartford CT, working in the computer field and teaching guitar. Contact Paul via email:paul@wildestdreams.com


Kevin Cobb- our original bassist, was with us from the begining and played with the band steadily through 1998. A master arranger, Kevin was the musical director for the band's Peace Planet recording. In addition to his arranging/ producing skills, Kev is a killer bass player and singer, just as funky & soulful as anyone we've had the pleasure to play with. His solos would invariably bring down the house. Kev's energy and creative spontaneity often drove the band to greater heights on stage, at rehearsals and in the studio.

He is presently the bassist, singer, and musical director of the Hip Pocket Orchestra, as well as a freelance arranger/producer. A passionate student of Martial Arts, Kev has been studying at Yang's Martial Arts Academy and the American Jiann Shyong Kung Fu Center- where he's studying Tai Chi Chuan and Bagua Zhang. He's often outside practicing before the sun comes up no matter what the weather. Contact Kevin via email: cobbsweb60@aol.com.

 Chagai Ashbel

Chagai Ashbel - from Safad, Israel, was our drummer from 1993-1995. His fine playing was a main ingredient on our Peace Planet CD. The prologue to "One Voice" features his relaxed but smokin samba groove we named " Samba de Chagai." In addition to laying down solid, tasteful grooves, he was an inventive vocalist, spontaneously leading the band on some of its hottest on stage vocal jams.

Chagai was extremely, open, creative, high-spirted and hilarious. He had an uncanny ability of imitating just about any sound imaginable. We once witnessed him jamming at twilight with a mockingbird in Boston's Arnold Arboreteum. He kept his new feathered friend totally intrigued & challenged for 15 straight minutes. Chagai helped make the journey fun and often kept us rolling with laughter. He is currently working as a computer program designer in Tel Aviv, living on a kibbutz, and making a nest with Robyn for their soon to be born first child.

Andreas Andreas Brade -Drums, Vocals Andreas Brade from Stuttgart, Germany, was our drummer from 1996 -2003, the longest stint of any Wildest Dreams drummer in our 15 years. Andreas brought great chops, creativity and spirit to the band. He had a wonderful feel for the different styles of world music we played and always worked hard to improve himself and the band. Andreas' openess, positive attitude and sense of humor always made him fun to work with. He is currently going for a performance masters at the Longy School of Music, teaching at the Community Music Center of Boston and freelancing with a variety of bands. Contact Andreas via email: abeprod@verizon.net

Scott Amendola - was our first drummer and played with us from 1989-91. Extremely talented and youthful (couldn't buy a beer for his first year with the band), he inspired all of us with his chops, focus and musical ideas. Some of his arrangement ideas are still in the repertoire. Scott moved to San Francisco in '91 and toured extensively and recorded with the Charlie Hunter Quartet. Last we heard, he might tour with John Scofield next year. Not too shabby... Vist his web site!.

Ricardo Monzon "The Doctor" - Our first percussionist, Ricardo could whip up a boiling spicy cauldron of hip-grinding locomotion that headed for the dance floor like a freak tornado He studied medicine in his native Guatemala before deciding to commit to music. A black belt Kenpo instructor, Ricardo had a unique stage presence. He frequently employed a crane-like technique in which he maintained two different rhythms with each hand, one on congas, the other on timbales and toys, while balanced on one foot to play his chime-tree with his toes. An extremely busy free-lancer, Ricardo went on to tour all over the world with jazz harpist, Deborah Henson-Conant.

Jay Bellerose - After Scott moved on, we had the pleasure of playing with drummer talent, Jay Bellerose. Quiet, soft-spoken and humble, Jay went about his art like "the Budda", quietly laying down the meanest, funkiest, in-the-pocket-groove-til-the-cows-come-home rhythms this side of N'Orleans. He worked on and off with us for about a year, making the trip to Aruba. He played the trashiest set of drums you ever saw and it was amazing the feel and sound he pulled out of them. We loved his playing but he was really more into straight rock. When Paula Cole got her big break and made her hit debut CD, she knew who to call. Jay has been on the road with her ever since. Say hi to him for us!

Pernell Saturnino - Pernell saved our butts in 1991. The day before we were to leave for a week-long gig in Aruba, our percussionist found out his visa had been held up and he wouldn't be able to make the trip. The promoter in Aruba flipped out, and said we had to bring a percussionist and that the tickets were not transferable. After making frantic phone calls to every decent percussionist in Boston, we found Pernell. A native of Curaçao, Pernell's passport from the Lesser Antilles meant he needed no special visa considerations.and he was perfectly happy to get a paid trip back home.

Pernell was a good percussionist when he first joined the band soon after Aruba, but we were amazed at how his chops developed. He studied with Giovanni Hildalgo at Berklee and after a couple of years, his solos started blowing us away as they developed into torrents of mind-boggling, offbeat, cross-rhythms. It didn't take long before his talents were noticed. Pernell went on to tour the world with latin jazz sensations Denilo Perez, Paquito D'Rivera, David Sanchez. He played with Wynton Marsalis at the '96 Olympics and at Lincoln Center. Pernell has relocated to Amsterdam, Holland. We wish him the best.

Ricardo Guity - gradually took over the percussion chair as Pernell's career took off in '96. Originally from Honduras, Ricardo had a great crack to his sound and always kept the band entertained with his humor. After 18 months with the group, he relocated to the Minnepolis, St Paul area where his wife got a job offer from Lotus that was too good to refuse. However, we did get to immortalize his chops on a few cuts from the Peace Planet CD before he split. Check out the tail ends of "If You Can Walk" and "One Voice".